Bazaar’s origins & mission.

Rachel Walton | Published: 20th November 2020


Bazaar is a CBT and mindfulness programme that has been developed by the Open Door Charity over the past decade. As the core support offer of the charity, Bazaar has helped thousands of people to live happier lives.

The programme has been designed and developed with its’ beneficiaries in mind. Each part of the programme has moved and evolved with feedback from the real faces of the Open Door Charity.

Over 8 weekly sessions, Bazaar members are taught skills that disrupt negative thinking patterns, and replace them with healthy, resolute thinking strategies. Far away from a clinical, sterile experience, Bazaar is inspired by arts, culture, music, and the many wonderful things that make life worth living.


Today we have a programme that we see changing lives on a weekly basis. We still run the Bazaar programme at our charity HQ, but now we are offering the programme to other organisations who can benefit from this revolutionary mental health intervention.

By bringing the learning and passion of the Open Door Charity out of our HQ and into new exciting partnerships, we are bringing an exciting alternative to conventional therapy to thousands more people.