Bazaar X Tomorrow’s Women Wirral

Rachel Walton | Published: 14th December 2020
Bazaar X Tomorrow’s Women Wirral

Since October 2019, Bazaar have been working with Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, an adult women’s community centre that offers support and empowerment to women. Committed to supporting women to make positive life changes, Bazaar has formed an exciting part of their offer to their beneficiaries.

Particularly throughout the lockdown period, the TWW team have been using the Bazaar programme as a way to creatively connect with those who might need support. While many non-profit organisations have been forced to reduce or halt services, it has been a privilege for us to help TWW with the delivery of their incredibly important objectives.

Karen Horner, Operations Manager of TWW, gave us some feedback on the success of the partnership:

“It has been a great partnership for TWW to of been able to offer Bazaar during lockdown. This online course has enabled us to still reach out and deliver sessions to our most vulnerable whilst maintaining government guidelines. It has enabled TWW to work with women in a different way during these unprecedented times and with some really fantastic results. The booklets are a great resource which the women can reflect back on after each session as well as when the course finishes.  The feedback from women who have completed the Bazaar 8 week course has been a thrill to see with some returning to work, feeling an increase in mental wellbeing and others feeling more relaxed to venture outside.

My experience of delivering Bazaar has been rewarding for those who are taking the responsibility to help themselves and although we have been offering it over the phone, it’s encouraging to hear the change in their tones and the way they speak as the weeks progress.”

 We are thrilled to see the positive effects that Bazaar has had on the women at TWW and we look forward to supporting many more women as our partnership with them continues.

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