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Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

September 14 2021
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Abbey’s Mentor Journey

June 8 2021

Initially, I discovered Open Door through my university volunteering page.

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The Worsening Mental Health Crisis for Students

May 28 2021
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Mentoring tips for getting started at Open Door

April 29 2021
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Free Bazaar Solus licenses available to all 18-25 year olds throughout lockdown.

January 27 2021

The Open Door Charity has been developing an innovative new version of Bazaar, called ‘Bazaar Solus’, that can be delivered entirely remotely. This creative programme encourages people to disrupt their negative thought processes and replace them with positive, resolute thinking strategies. 

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1-7th February is Children’s mental health week.

January 19 2021

This week gives us the chance to put children’s mental health in the spotlight. Mental health, much like our physical health, fluctuates over the course of any individual’s lifetime. Like our bodies, our minds grow and change rapidly throughout childhood and adolescence, presenting unique challenges.

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Bazaar X Tomorrow’s Women Wirral

December 14 2020

Find out more about the exciting partnership between Tomorrow's Women Wirral and Bazaar.

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How to look after your mental health over the Christmas period.

December 11 2020

The Christmas period is really challenging sometimes. There are a lot of different pressures at play that can negatively affect mental health. Read more about how to spot some of these difficulties over the festive period and how to tackle them.

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Bazaar’s origins & mission.

November 20 2020

Find out more about the innovative therapeutic intervention that's shaping change in mental health support. Through almost a decade of learning and development, Bazaar is the product of the Open Door Charity's vital work in the community.

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6 productive things to do on your phone.

November 17 2020

On a bad mental health day, it can be difficult to find the energy to do anything. Usually, this ends up with countless hours of scrolling through our phones followed by time spent feeling guilty. While it might feel impossible to take yourself on a 5 mile run, there are some things you can try to feel productive without putting your phone down. Doing a couple of these might even give you the momentum to do a lot more.

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